Monday, April 5, 2010

Not to be Missed!

New England Paddlesport Show runs April 9-11
If you are a canoeist or kayaker or even if you're just thinking about getting out on the water, there's something for you at the New England Paddlesports Show. This year's show almost flew under the radar for me. (I usually hear their ads on the radio, but they must have cut their advertising budget?)

Anyway, here's what I like best about this annual show: there are lots of knowledgeable vendors selling equipment and accessories. Many of them aren't so interested in making the sale, however, as they are in helping you find the right fit for your time on the water. Even more importantly, there are informative seminars and live pool demonstrations. So it's not all talk and sales pitches.

Here's a brief rundown on some of the seminars. Be sure to check out the website for more details, including a coupon for $2 off the $7 admission price.

  • For Women Only: Getting Started Kayaking

  • How to Choose a Kayak

  • Understanding Boat Control

  • Adventure Kayaking the Grand Canyon

The show runs for three days and many of the topics repeat each day. We're hoping to fit it into our schedule. Maybe we'll see you there!

Note from Lucie: We've been very busy recently with family events -- one of them being our daughter's wedding in two months. Seems that we've had little time to get outdoors and play, but we're hoping that improves as summer approaches. What about you? Are you biking or kayaking? We'd love to hear all about it. If you've thought about submitting a guest post, please drop me a line so we can talk.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucie;

Got out in the kayaks for the first time Sunday. It was our first time on Gilmore pond. (beat you there) It was a great experience. We were waved at by a couple of residents and someone even told us that we were the first paddlers this year, even managed to watch an easter egg hunt from the water. There was already a loon and Canada goose in residence. I do think the water is a bit high right now.

Anyway we started out going to the right and when I turned around to look back WOW the mountain was beautiful. Thanks for recommending it. That was a good way to start our season.

Lucie said...

Hi Ann,
Thanks for writing. That's great that you got out on the water so early. Glad to hear you liked Gilmore Pond and saw some wildlife!
I don't think we'll get out there until May...we'll see.