Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yurt Camping II: The New Hampshire Way

Today, guest blogger Patrice of Life Less Ordinary writes about camping in a yurt in New Hampshire. Not sure what a yurt is? Be sure to check out Patrice's earlier post about yurt camping at Frost Mountain in Maine.

My husband Justin and I recently took a second yurt trip, this time to Green Alpaca Yurts at Crown Point Alpaca Farm in Strafford. Again, I can't rave enough about the yurt experience. The yurt at Green Alpaca is actually constructed by one of the only NH-based yurt manufacturers, White Mountain Yurts. (I have a soft spot for NH-made products.)

Since this summer, the model at Green Alpaca has been open for a quick look or for rent as an overnight excursion. Farm owner Val Newell is thrilled to have the yurt model on her property and is happy to share her love of yurts with others.

Animals and Outhouses...oh my!
The yurt at Crown Point Alpaca Farm is set back in the woods, up on a hill and extremely private. As with Frost Mountain Yurts, there is no running watter or electricity and no vehicle access. This one has two bunk beds, a futon, and all the supplies you need for an overnight: dishes, silverware, cookware, propane stove, grill, candles, games, and more. I have to point out that I liked the outhouse here better than the one at Frost Mountain; it's the little details that count!

There are snowshoe/ski trails all around the area, although we didn't explore this time. The bonus, though, was being able to experience the farm. With more than 65 alpacas and tons of ducks, chickens and turkeys, I would say it's a very kid-friendly place. You could even request farm fresh eggs to cook up for breakfast! Again, I highly recommend yurt camping. Try it once and, like us, you just might find yourself going back for more.

Lucie's note: I'm jealous! We haven't been able to camp in a yurt yet, but it's on my wish list for 2010. Sounds so appealing...to be surrounded by nature, to be able to escape electronic distractions and enjoy peace and quiet! If you've tried it, be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you thought.

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