Saturday, October 3, 2009

Random Thoughts on Fall in NH

Our cool and rainy weekend makes me want to light the backyard firepit and toast marshmallows. How about you? Shorter daylight hours can only mean that our kayaking and biking season is quickly coming to an end. I'm hoping to take at least one more kayaking trip before we hang up the boats for 2009 and maybe a couple more bike rides -- if my back/hip problem improves...we'll see.

The good news is fall in New Hampshire is really beautiful! And there are so many festivals, fairs, hikes, and scenic rides to choose from that there's no reason to hibernate just yet.

I've been busy "tweeting" about some of these New Hampshire outdoor events on Twitter -- check it out at ExploreNH or follow my Tweets right here on NH Love It or Leaf It; Scroll down a bit and they're in the right sidebar.

Gotta be honest -- I was a little hesitant to join Twitter, but I've become a big fan of this microblogging platform. The key is to follow only those who tweet something of value to YOU. Remember, people, you decide! (It irks me when folks complain that Twitter is all about what people ate for lunch when there's so much more to be learned there.)

Anyway, I'll climb down from my soapbox now and leave you with this short list of websites with great information about fall activities in New Hampshire. Hope you find inspiration and motivation to get out there and enjoy our beautiful state before the snow flies!

http://www.nh.com/ has a pretty decent events calendar and highlights special activities on its homepage. Once upon a time (like several months ago), I was a featured blogger there, but I haven't had the time to post recently. Amazing...but they've managed to survive and thrive without my enlightening posts!

http://www.newhampshire.com/ lists lots of events and activities going on throughout the Granite State. They just started a new calendar called NH365. In my opinion, the search engine is clunky, but if you're persistent -- there's good information here.

http://www.visitwhitemountains.com/ is a new discovery for me, thanks to Twitter. I love the look and feel of this website. So user-friendly and definitely has worthwhile information if you're visiting the Whites.


The Former PK said...

Good suggestions Lucie! I'm with you, I love fall, but it means the end of kayaking (and now my new love of biking). At least I've learned to love cross-country skiing to get through the long winters!

I just can't bring myself to get into Twitter, although I hear it's great! Good luck! Don't abandon the blog though!!

Lucie said...

That's great that you've started cross country skiing. Maybe you can write another guest post here about a favorite trail. I was so anti-winter (cold, snow -- yeck!) until last year when we tried snow shoeing. It's low impact enough for me. Thanks for writing!