Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lake Potanipo in Brookline is Busy

We paddled Lake Potanipo in Brookline this afternoon under a cloudy mist. It's only about twenty minutes from our house. Given the fact that we were short on time and the weather was "iffy" at best, we decided to stay close to home. Our philosophy? A little time on the water is better than NO time on the water.

We had never paddled Potanipo before, but we knew the lake had shoreline development and motor boat traffic. When we were there today, there were two or three water skiers and tubers. So Lake Potanipo isn't the secluded nature haven we prefer, but it was okay for a short paddle.

It's easy to get to and has an easy concrete ramp put-in. By my count, there are about 20-25 houses on this 136-acre lake, which feels more like a pond. Development is limited to one side of the lake, so evergreens still dominate the far shore; Unfortunately, that's where the power boaters were during our visit, so we couldn't paddle near the undeveloped side.

There's a small, members-only beach near the put-in and Camp Tevya (a Jewish summer camp) on the northern shore. Overall, Lake Potanipo was a pleasant enough waterway to paddle for a short time on a cool, drizzly day. But we're guessing that when the weather is nice, this place must be clogged with way too many power boats and sail boats from the camp to make it enjoyable for kayakers and canoeists.

Directions: Take Route 101W (toward Keene/Peterborough) to Rte. 13 South toward Brookline. After several miles, turn right at the blinking light onto Mason Road. The put-in is almost immediately on your right and is well-marked.

Alternate Directions: From Everett Turnpike in Nashua, take exit 6 to Rte. 130 West until you come to Brookline Center (maybe 8-10 miles?). In front of Daniels Academy in Brookline Center, stay straight on Meetinghouse Hill Road. At red blinking light, continue straight across Route 13 to Mason Road. Boat launch for Lake Potanipo is the second right, just before going over the bridge.


Anonymous said...

How do you find out how to Join members only beach?????

Lucie said...

I would suggest contacting the town of Brookline for more information. I read somewhere that the beach is only open to residents of Brookline and their guests, but I do believe you need to pay a yearly membership fee. Hope this helps!

sg7472a said...

Yes, the beach is for residents and guests only and there is an annual fee for visiting the beach during guard hours. The beach is accessible from the boat launch once it is closed for the day. Given that the beach is in New Hampshire, it's the resident fees that pay for maintenance and life guards.

Lucie said...

Thanks for writing in to let us know about Lake Potanipo. I figured it was residents (and guests) only. We can still enjoy kayaking or canoeing the lake, though!

Anonymous said...

If you paddle across the lake from the boat launch there is a nice channel you can paddle down.(or follow the shore line to the left) There is lots of great wild life, turtles, fish, ducks ect. its really a nice quiet paddle. I am not sure how far up it goes and when i went early spring the beavers were making a dam but do try it.