Monday, June 8, 2009

Any Suggestions for Paddling in Franconia Notch?

We're headed to Sugar Hill, NH in Franconia Notch this weekend for the Lupine Festival and other outdoor activities. I'm looking at maps and checking the internet for paddling sites.

Right now we're looking at Streeter Pond, Profile Lake and Echo Lake as possibilities. Anyone had experience with any of these or have any other suggestions for flat water paddling in the area? Please send us a comment!


The Former PK said...

Hey there ... unfortunately, I have no suggestions for that area. We've only done Echo Lake and it's pretty self-explanatory. I'm looking forward to hearing about what you find and end up doing!

On another note, have you guys done any of the Merrimack River in the Boscawan/Concord area? We were going to hit that this weekend (weather permitting), but I'm having a hard time gathering adequate information. I think there is a public boat launch in Boscawan, then we'd paddle below Hannah Dustin Island and take out before the rapids by Seward Falls. But I can't verify all this ... any suggestions?? I want to make sure we are prepared.

Thanks, Patrice
My email is: patricejustin@comcast.net

Lucie said...

Hi Patrice,
We've never paddled the Merrimack River, so not sure if I can be much help.

I'm guessing you've already seen the Merrimack River Watershed Association site at http://www.merrimack.org. They list a couple of trips and mention access points.

Also, information on public boat launches from the State of NH (available on our sidebar), shows that public access to the Merrimack from Boscawen can be found on a Delorme map, page 35, K12. The state map shows a boat launch on Intervale Road. Write back and let us know what you find!