Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do you Have Paddle Envy?

How much time did you spend choosing a kayak paddle? If you're like us, not much at all. We researched kayaks and talked to a knowledgeable salesperson before buying, but the paddles were almost an afterthought. We're now starting our fourth year on the water and just realized there's a whole big world of paddles out there and using the right one can make a huge difference.

Call us naive or slow -- we're just not big into gear and gadgets. But when we meandered over to the paddle display at Kittery Trading Post last Sunday and picked one up, it was light as air! Hmmm. Now we're thinking seriously of spending a little extra money for paddles that will improve our time on the water -- yes, we have paddle envy.

Things to Consider When Buying a Paddle
What should you think about when buying a touring paddle? For starters, you should be thinking about:

  • The type of paddler you are (Are you a power paddler or easy going?) Your answer will help to determine the blade length, width, and shape.

  • How tall are you and how wide is your boat? The answer will help decide how long the shaft of your paddle should be.

You can read some excellent articles on choosing a paddle at TopKayaker.net and Kayakonline.com. Or if you prefer in-person expert advice, keep reading. Suzanne from Kokatat is the presenter for the following event.

Special Session for Kayaking MeetUp Members and Guests
The East Hampstead (NH) Kayaking MeetUp group has also organized an information session on kayaks, paddles, and PFDs at the Contoocook River Canoe Company in Concord on Sunday, May 31st at 12:30 p.m. This is an RSVP-event. If you'd like to attend, you'll need to join the group at MeetUp or go as an invited guest. E-mail the organizer Monica at mlcyr7327@yahoo.com to let her know you'd like to be a guest.

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