Sunday, November 30, 2008

Check Out These Windham Rail Trail Photos

I'm definitely in denial about winter approaching and the end of our paddling and biking season. In fact, we had our first snowflakes today -- a slushy mess! Never mind. I recently discovered a great blog by fellow Granite Stater Jim Johnson of Salem. Jim is into running, hiking, and biking, with a big emphasis on running. His blog has an incredible amount of detail about road races, his workouts and his results (everything from 5Ks to the run up Mount Washington.) You can check it out at http://www.doublejrunning.blogspot.com/.

What especially caught my eye on the blog is the photo gallery -- including some great photos Jim and his girlfriend Kristin took of the Windham Rail Trail during foliage season. We biked this trail a few years back, but I've never reviewed it.

The Windham Rail Trail runs just 4.1 miles, beginning at the intersection of Routes 111 and 28 in Salem and running to North Lowell Road in Windham. (We rode it in reverse.) It's a great excursion when you're short on time or energy, but you still want to get out and enjoy nature. I could try to describe the trail, but the photos say it so much better. See for yourself at Jim and Kristin's photo gallery.

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Monika said...

Thanks for the tip. We live in Hampstead but have never biked the Windham rail. I'll have to check it out.