Monday, August 25, 2008

Save the Date for Newmarket Festival

I just read about the Newmarket (NH) Heritage Festival taking place Sept. 19-21 and it sounds very cool. It's the 11th annual -- how come I've never heard of this before now? Anyway, what first attracted my attention was the kayak and boat tours on the Lamprey River.

They also have flyfishing workshops, a climbing wall, historic exhibits, and lots of multicultural entertainment of the singing and dancing kind. There's a Bavarian Band, a Latin Band that will host a Caribbean dance party, and a Canadian fiddler...all this in a small New England mill town!

I'm marking my calendar so that I don't miss the Extreme Air Jump Rope Demo and Workshop on Saturday, Sept. 20. I have a new fascination with and appreciation for jumping rope ever since I was challenged by my doctor to try it as a way to build bone density. Don't laugh -- (yes, everything jiggles). So far I'm only up to about two minutes per session, but I can definitely appreciate the stamina and skill it takes to keep the rope going. See you at the Festival!


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you made it to the Newmarket Festival? My husband (Bruce Cobb, fiddler) was one of the 'Strolling Musicians' and I went along to take pix. If you would like to see my pix (of the festival) they are posted at: http://jawsa.homestead.com/GLOBE3.html
I even got pix of the events you mentioned!

Lucie said...

We DID make it to the Newmarket Festival. Sorry I missed your husband, but thanks for sharing your photos. Unfortunately, I missed the jump rope exhibition. A highlight for us was the Lamprey River waterfront. We had never spent time here and found it very inviting. There are walkways and a nice little park. Another hidden gem in New Hampshire!