Friday, June 6, 2008

Check out these NH blogs

A very rainy Friday here, so it seems like a good day to share with you a couple of New Hampshire blogs that are worth checking out.

First, Kim from Enfield, NH has a great blog about stillwater kayaking and avoiding weekend congestion on the waterways. Her philosophy is a lot like ours...she's looking for peace and tranquility on the water, not looking to dodge motorboats.

Kim often kayaks with her shetland sheepdog Sadie and asks Sadie to rate the paddle experience (one paw, two paws, etc.). It's too cute! Of course, Sadie's ratings are based on if she's able to get out of the boat and run around a bit. Check it all out on www.go-paddle.com.

Second, Janice Brown has an entirely different type of blog. Her active site, www.cowhampshire.blogharbor.com is loaded (and I do mean loaded!) with information about NH history, geneology, photography, and humor. Janice also reviews other New Hampshire blogs and recently reviewed NH Love it or Leaf it. We were happy to see she called our site a "must-read" for anyone interested in New Hampshire's outdoors. You can read her full review here. (Thanks, Janice!)

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