Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cold Water Advisory

N.H. Marine Patrol and the Coast Guard have issued an advisory for kayakers, canoeists and other boaters, warning of cold water temperatures. "Boaters should not be fooled by summer-like temperatures, because the water is still dangerously cold," officials said. To sum it up, water temperatures in lakes and ponds remain close to the freezing point and if you fall into the water, you would only survive for a few minutes. (I still don't understand how those guys we saw on Saturday could swim safely in Gilmore Pond!)

"Officials say the spring snowmelt also has flooded many rivers and streams, creating even more hazards," according to a write-up in today's Telegraph. Have fun, but be careful. Maybe we'll take out our bicycles this weekend and wait a bit before getting back out on the water!

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